VC Summer Nuclear Station

The project involved construction of two Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear units at sites adjacent to the VC Summer Nuclear Station. The owner, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. (SC&G), formed a joint venture with Santee Cooper Power for the design and construction of the new reactors and support facilities.

Working as a subconsultant to The Shaw Group, S&ME provided geotechnical test borings for Phase 2 of the “Balance of Plant Areas”. The borings characterized the subsurface conditions for the design of an intake structure and offsite water treatment system. In addition, the design included a wastewater discharge area, temporary construction units, and support facilities in the main plant area.

S&ME mobilized an ATV-mounted drill rig for the land-based test borings and a barge-mounted drill rig for the test borings in Lake Monticello and Parr Reservoir. The water-based test boring program included 11 soil test borings totaling 234 linear feet of soil drilling. The process involved wash rotary techniques with steel casing and 14 feet of rock coring. The land-based test boring program included 55 test borings and approximately 2500 linear feet of soil drilling. The process used mud-rotary techniques, 60 feet of rock coring, and 13 undisturbed Shelby tube samples. All land-based boreholes were backfilled with a cement-bentonite grout upon completion.

S&ME engineers also served as Subcontractor Field Inspectors (SFI) during the geotechnical exploration. Responsibilities included directing the drilling crew to ensure safe working conditions and implementation of the client’s QA plan. S&ME also provided continuous tracking of production and schedule, and conducted a Job Safety Analysis.


  • Geotechnical engineering for additions to nuclear facility
  • Construction completed on schedule