50-Mile Gas Pipeline

Williams Gas Pipeline 2012Williams Gas PipelineWilliams Gas Pipeline 2012
Williams Gas Pipeline 2012
Williams Gas Pipeline
Williams Gas Pipeline 2012

S&ME provided natural resources, cultural resources, and erosion and sediment control design services for this approximately 50-mile ethane pipeline project located in northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania.  Natural resources services included waters of the U.S. determination/delineation, stream assessment, protected species assessment, and Section 401/404 permitting. Services also included hydrostatic test discharge permitting, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) data collection, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping. Regulatory coordination with the USACE, WV Department of Natural Resources, PA Department of Environmental Protection, USFWS, and the PA Game Commission.

Cultural resource services to date have included both Phase I and Phase II surveys, and S&ME also performed a geophysical survey and follow-up testing in the vicinity of a cemetery near the proposed pipeline corridor.  S&ME has also prepared erosion and sediment control plans for the entire pipeline corridor, working closely with the surveyor to provide the E&SC measures on the construction drawings.  The permitting took 57 days for GP-5/GP-8, including incorporating reroutes after the initial permit submittal.  There was only one round of comments back from USACE, and those were fairly minor.


The project site consisted of a proposed 300 foot wide, 50 mile long gas pipeline corridor.  S&ME is providing the following services:

  • Natural resources
    • Wetlands and streams
    • Threatened and endangered species
  • Cultural resources
    • Phase I studies
    • Geophysical Survey
    • Cemetery investigation
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Indiana bat mist net surveys

Coordination with the following agencies:

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS)
  • WV DNR Public Lands Corporation
  • WV DEP Division of Water and Waste Management
  • County Floodplain Manager
  • West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office
  • County and Municipal Notifications
  • PA-DEP, Waterways and Wetlands
  • PA-DEP, District Mining Offices
  • PA Historical and Museum Commission, Bureau of Historic Preservation
  • Pennsylvania Game Commission
  • PA Fish and Boat Commission, Division of Environmental Services