Indian Creek Park Living Shoreline

S&ME provided master planning and landscape architectural design services for the integration of a waterside promenade and “living shoreline” into Indian Creek Park. The 1000 x 130 foot urban waterfront park will accommodate a wide range of passive activities.

Situated along a Biscayne Bay waterway, the site presents a number of challenges. A deteriorating seawall and rising sea levels cause frequent street flooding. To address citizen concerns, the team created a “living shoreline” environment between the existing seawall and a new seawall four feet higher in elevation. A comfortable 8 foot wide pedestrian promenade parallels the new seawall. The seawall cap serves as a seat wall. Users can take in views across the living shoreline and out to the waterway. To increase access to the basin environment and the adjacent waterway, S&ME introduced three overlooks that extend across the living shoreline and to the water’s edge.

On the overlooks, the park users are within the preserved Mangroves and Buttonwoods and above the new plantings of red, black and white mangrove and other tidal plants. Inlets at the north and south ends of the basin allow tidal seawater from Biscayne Bay to flush the basin daily.


  • Pedestrian Systems
  • Bike Trail Connection
  • Open Space
  • Native Landscaping
  • Living Shoreline
  • Overlook
  • Boardwalk
  • Trailhead