Fort Campbell RCI

As part of the federal program the Residential Communities Initiative (RCI), Fort Campbell embarked on a major renovation and construction to all military housing areas. The $325 million project involved the construction of approximately 2,000 new or replacement housing units, and the renovation of approximately 2,000 existing housing units. The project also included construction of seven new community centers and several ancillary facilities and amenities.

S&ME professionals worked as a subconsultant to Lend Lease to provide civil engineering, topographical surveying, and landscape architectural design services. Services included utility, roadway, and streetscape design. Additional services included stormwater quality and detention design, storm sewer drainage design, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) preparation, completion of Notice of Intent (NOI) applications, and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance. S&ME also provided landscape architectural design of all trailway systems and recreational facilities. The housing renovations involved a variety of neighborhood styles, utilizing Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) principles.


  • Major Renovation to Multiple Military Housing Areas
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering for Infrastructure to Support New Housing
  • Detailed Permitting Required
  • TND and Low Impact Design