Coastal Engineering

S&ME has assembled a cadre of experienced professionals who bring unique insight and value to projects in the coastal zone. Our coastal/general engineering service offerings are built on our experience in:

  • Marsh creation/restoration
  • Beach nourishment and dune restoration
  • Oyster reefs
  • Shoreline protection/resiliency features
  • Dredging and beneficial use of dredged material
  • Storm damage recovery
  • Ports and navigation channels
  • Mitigation sites

In addition to predicting and analyzing coastal processes, S&ME engineers can effectively convert those design analyses into implementation documents intended for public bid and construction. Our engineers have extensive experience preparing construction documents, i.e., plans, technical specifications, and bid packages. We work hand-in-hand with leading local construction contractors to develop engineered designs that are constructible and cost effective, providing increased value for our clients.