John B. Pearson, PE

Technical Principal

For over 20 years, John Pearson has assisted S&ME technical leaders, principals, and professional staff in resolving issues related to concrete, materials laboratory testing, and quality improvement. He is recognized for his extensive knowledge of concrete testing, concrete mix design, and forensic investigations for concrete and rock. Coupled with his knowledge of regulations, John provides guidance to technical staff for a wide range of testing and consulting activities related to materials in the commercial and nuclear arenas.

Helping clients and staff navigate the complexities of material testing and quality assurance has been at the heart of John’s career. John is dedicated to exploring the details, which stems from his belief that clients are better served when potential challenges are identified early so proactive measures can be taken and risks can be effectively managed. John’s commitment to quality and process improvement extends not only to his clients and projects, but to the industry and public through active participation on technical consensus standards organizations.

John received his BS and MS degrees in civil engineering from Tennessee Technological University. His reputation as an expert in concrete is well known both outside the firm and inside. He is active on several ASTM Committees, the international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a range of materials. He is currently a member of C09 Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, and C09.50 Aggregate Reactions in Concrete and provides technical input to other committees and subcommittees including C01 Cement and D18 Soil and Rock. In addition, John is qualified as an examiner for 10 ACI certification programs.